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peachyvodka / nonsense by kiki_dissonance

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This community comes from kiki_dissonance's need to post her graphic madness in some place other that her personal journal.
Feel free to join and/or watch, most of the entries will be public, but there might be some special extras for the members.
What will you find in this comm?
Icons, wallpapers, picspams, textures, maybe some fanmixes and gifs. Basically anything that will tickle my fantasy.

drama me off

Saying this once and for all, you don't need to credit if you take something. Especially if we're talking about textures. Of course, don't claim you did them yourself because that's just- sad. That being said, if you want to put a link to my journal/community when you use one of my icons I'll really appreciate it.
Picspams: DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT post them on tumblr. I have one (stephwinchester), and if I'll post them there you will be able to reblog them anytime you want. I'm honestly not a big fan of posting all of my graphic on tumblr, mainly because every single picture usually ends up being fucked up by someone taking it and using paint on it. But, whatever.

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